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"RESCUED: Saving Animals from Disaster was very well received by the students and my faculty colleagues.  It provided a very helpful framework for our [Animals in Disaster, Spring 2007, Arkansas Tech University] course study."
--Kay C. Goss, CEM, Director of Emergency Management and Crisis Communications,
Homeland Security


"Through their personal stories, they (Allen and Linda Anderson) share a wide range of experiences and lessons learned from a variety of animals -- cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, raccoons, bears, birds, dolphins, deer, and more."
--Dog Fancy, "News Hound", February 2008


"The carnage Hurricane Katrina left behind included a devastating pet toll. The authors of Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster, Allen and Linda Anderson, founders of the Angel Animals Network, tell stories about a noble effort to save the four-footed forgotten ones."
--Jackie Loohauis-Benett, Staff, Milwaukee Jouneal Sentinel, December 29, 2007


"In their blockbuster book Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles (New World Library), award winning authors Allen and Linda Anderson share amazing true tales of wonderful animals who bring ordinary humans heartwarming lessons in divine love."
--Gina Barlow, Sun Newspaper, "Miracle Power of Animals", November 19, 2007


"These (Angel Animals) animal stories inspire us and reflect a consciousness of viewing our relationship with animals in a different light, such as teachers, healers and ambassasors of Divine Love.  This is the 'miracle' each story conveys."
--Kathy DeSantis, Awareness Magazine, November-December 2007


"Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles is a collection of stories by ordinary people about the spiritual lessons and truths they've learned from animals.  This book will become one of your favorites."
--Tucson Citizen, December 12, 2007


"In Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster, Linda and Allen Anderson revisit the hurricanes of 2005, interviewing hundreds of rescuers, hurricane survivors and government officials. The book shares stories of animal rescue and reunion, and presents information to help pet owners prepare for disaster."
--Stacy N. Hackett, Cat Fancy, May 2007


"If you love horses and appreciate the countless gifts they bring to our lives, you will want to keep this exceptional collection of heartwarming stories close to your bedside for inspirational reading. Angel Horses is a rare gift to the world of equines."
--Linda Tellington-Jones, founder of the
Tellington TTouch Method


"Rescued is the most comprehensive book to date on what became a major news story after the storm – caring for the animals of New Orleans. . .The book is an urgent call to action, and readers who have pets will find it a useful guide to evacuating with animals – for preparedness, as we all learned, is everything."
--Susan Larson, Books Editor,
Times-Picayune, “Lift Every Voice: Katrina Survivors and Rescuers Tell Their Stories,” December 18, 2006


"Anyone needing a moral compass at this juncture could find no better one than Rescued. . .Anyone interested in animal welfare and rescue work should not only read Rescued but also absorb its wisdom and spread its message: Unless we collectively and individually save animals, we stand to lose our humanity."
--Sally Rosenthal,
Best Friends Magazine, January-February 2007


"The Andersons have done wonders again with Rescued, a riveting book that examines how the largest animal rescue operation in history made a huge difference in changing our view of pets as family members. . .Every pet owner and animal lover should read the Andersons’ book and develop a private plan for the safety of their non-human companions."
Kathy DeSantis,
Awareness Magazine, November-December 2006


"The authors of Rescued detail the important role volunteers played in helping save the animals."
Tucson Citizen, Weekend Plus, New Product, December 15, 2006


"The Andersons list some of the common sense precautions that animal guardians can take to ensure their pets’ well-being during disasters. They also mention the need for proper training, recruitment, and assimilation of disaster relief workers into existing organizations."
--Chris Mercer,
Animal People, November 2006


"Local authors Linda and Allen Anderson turned their horror into action, writing the compelling book Rescued. Through emotionally wrenching, firsthand accounts of animal rescue and reunion, the book examines how the hurricanes of 2005 changed the way Americans view animal rescue."
--Deborah Caulfield Rybak,
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, October 22, 2006


"Rescued tells about the rescue organizations that helped save animals and chronicles the reunions of pets with their families, while providing valuable information on how to save animals’ lives."
Chicagoland Tails, Pet Magazine, March 2007


"Anyone who has a companion animal or cares about someone who has a companion animal should read Rescued from cover to cover. It lists page after page of steps which can be followed so the horror of what happened to the animals after Katrina can be prevented the next time."
Jean Faul, “Don’t Leave Without Your Pets,”
Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida), February 25, 2007


"Rescued is one of the most inspiring accounts in print – and besides offering action and adventure, it also offers pet owners important tips on keeping pets safe."
Midwest Book Review


"Believing that domesticated pets are family members and that by helping them one is also helping people, the Andersons detail what has been learned from Katrina and provide instructions for readers in the event they face an evacuation. The authors stress that owners must take primary responsibility for their pets and that rescue volunteers should be properly trained. The Andersons advice is well taken."
Publishers Weekly


Aftermath stories will change public policy, and every pet owner should read the Andersons’ book and develop their own private plan for the safety of their nonhuman companions."
--Pamela Crossland,
Booklist, American Library Association


"For a treasure-trove of uplifting rescue stories in book form, look no further than Rescued."
Sarah Casey Newman, "Katrina Tales Tug at the Heartstrings,”"St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 9, 2006


"A new book, Rescued, is a great read for those of us who own pets, love animals, or worry about animals we see on television during horrific weather or other emergencies."
--Laurie Denger, "Caretakers Can Take Precautions, Should Natural Disasters Arise,"
Dayton Daily News, January 14, 2007


"Rescued is about the largest animal rescue in history – an estimated 600,000 pets were displaced – and the efforts of more than 5,000 volunteers who tried to save them after Hurricane Katrina and reunite them with their owners. The Andersons interviewed more than 200 of the volunteers."
--Donna Halvorsen, "Their Love of Pets Has Spawned 7 Books,"
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, November 29, 2006


"Despite the heartbreaking image gracing its cover, the book Rescued, written by Twin Cities authors Allen and Linda Anderson, doesn’t focus on animals who suffered, but rather on the people who saved them."
--Heather Edwards,
Lillie Suburban Newspapers, Perspectives, "Saving Baby: When Disaster Strikes, Pets Need Rescuing Too," January 8, 2007


"Except for an occasional tornado, Illinois escapes most disasters. Just the same, Andersons’ comments made me think about my own pets and whether I could evacuate them to safety. I’m going to read the book and follow some of those suggestions."
--Mary Wicoff,
Commercial News (Danville, Illinois), August 26, 2006


"Whether a family has two dads or none, two moms or none, or whether its members have two legs or four, if the heroism delineated in Rescued is any indicator, the one thread that binds the American family of the 21st Century, regardless of its form, is love."
--Terrence Griep, "Local Writers Allen and Linda Anderson Teach the World about Lost Dogs and Broken Dykes,"
Lavender Magazine, February 2-15, 2007


"Rescued offers practical suggestions for people who want to become animal rescue volunteers. The authors provide valuable information that steers potential volunteers in the right direction for obtaining the training and credentialing that will be mandatory for animal rescue volunteers in future disasters."
The National Humane Review, a Quarterly Journal for Friends of American Humane


"Linda and Allen Anderson, who co-authored Rescued, fretted that all that had been learned by the scores of rescue workers would settle into history and sink to the bottom, never to be seen again. They went to work. They had a publisher ready to go, having written a series of books on animals and spirituality."
--Connie Bloom, "Hurricane Horrors Inspire Couple’s Rescue Chronicles,"
Akron Beacon Journal, January 27, 2007


"Rescued offers a compelling look at the failures and victories of animal rescue operations during hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and how those storms changed the way Americans view animal rescue."
Dog Fancy, November 2006


"The authors also remind us that flooding is not the only type of emergency that can cause separation of pets from their families, and provide a checklist of extremely helpful pointers to help people plan in advance for catastrophes such as fires, toxic gas leaks, hurricanes and tornados, power outages, and civil unrest. Essential for all animal lovers."
--Susan Riley, freelance book reviewer


"If you care about the welfare and safety of your pets and of other animals who rely on humans to protect them, you should read this book and learn how you can educate yourself. Knowledge is power."
A. Baxter, Petroglyphs


"Rescued succeeds very well when writing about the hurricane and levee failure — there are multiple narratives about those who stayed behind (most famously Dr. James Riopelle at Lindy Boggs Medical Center."
Voices of New Orleans


"Deeply moving stories and up-to-date information about this very important and often ignored aspect of natural disasters. Highly recommended! Award winner of Animals/Pet category, the Best Books 2006 National Book Awards"
--Jeff Bowen,


"Must Read!!!!"
Today’s Books, Public News Service Reports to the Media on Book Publishing Industry


"Adopt your very own copy of this book, then gather your family (two-footed and four-footed) and be sure you’re prepared for cat-astrophe, doggone it. If you’re a pet parent, Rescued is definitely worth begging for.”"
--Terri Schlichenmeyer,
The Bookworm Sez, LLC


"Rescued provides practical instructions that will aid pet owners and organizations that must prepare to manage animals in a disaster or evacuation."
Natural Hazards Observer, "Reducing Vulnerability to Disasters Through Education and School Safety," Colorado University, January 2007


"A terrific new book about dog rescue has recently been published and it’s a must have for the greyhound library – Rescued."


"Rescued offers life-changing stories of animal rescue and reunion and practical advice to prepare family pets for disaster and evacuation."
Nashville Humane Association


"This new work honors the animal welfare heroes that helped rescue the many animal victims of Hurricane Katrina. This is a must-read book for pet owners, rescue workers, as well as a fundraising opportunity for shelters or rescues."
--PETS 911,
The Companion Newsletter, August 2005


"This book tells heartwarming stories about hair-raising rescues and reunions, including one about a doctor and his wife who saved nearly 60 animals – and the bizarre events that followed. It helps pet owners prepare for hurricanes, floods, fires, or tornadoes, and covers recent changes in pet laws."
LA Daily News, January 17, 2007


"I love Angel Dogs. Its stories and messages will amaze and delight you. Allen and Linda Anderson's book will make a wonderful gift for all your dog-loving friends, for anyone who is considering adopting or rescuing a dog, and for those who have lost a beloved dog. Read it and marvel at what the world looks like through the eyes of some of God's most loving creatures."
--Willard Scott, NBC's The Today Show


"The Andersons have done it again! Angel Dogs is a healing and heart-opening book. Highly recommended."
--Doreen Virtue, author of
Angel Medicine and Healing with the Angels


"God created angel dogs to help us live better and happier lives, as the Andersons' book clearly shows. Our Golden Retriever Jack is an angel dog. Everyone feels that Jack is there especially for them. He smiles at them and they have no choice but to smile back."
John Paul DeJoria, co-founder, president, and CEO of
John Paul Mitchell Systems


"Let me say this about Rainbows and Bridges: I love it. I treasure it. Allen and Linda Anderson have left no question unposed, no conflict bypassed, no reflection unacknowledged. If you are facing or have faced the loss of a beloved animal friend, let this book be your companion and your comfort. There exists no better exploration of this Landscape of Loss than you will find here."
--Susan Chernak McElroy, author, Animals and Teachers and Healers and
All My Relations


"As a veterinary medical correspondent and lifetime pet lover, I believe in both the power of pets and the power of stories to heal. Rainbows & Bridges combines current  information about grief and mourning with inspiring stories of how others have  dealt with the loss of a beloved animal companion. This kit is an  amazing toolbox of resources that offers a wide range of healing  activities, wise information, compassionate reflection, and practical help for  honoring and memorializing the life of your pet."
--Dr. Marty Becker, Resident Veterinarian on ABC TV's Good Morning America, Knight Ridder Tribune veterinary/pet columnist, author of The Healing Power of Pets and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, host of nationally syndicated pet talk radio show, Top Vets Talk Pets


"The Andersons have created an ingenious heavy-duty cardboard box of inspirational materials to ease the pain of pet loss."
--Joan Lowell Smith,
Herald & News, Dec 25, 2005


"Traditionally angels wear white robes and have wings. In Allen and Linda Anderson's new book, angels wear fur coats and have are a pet lover, you understand the special bond between humans and animals.  And there's powerful evidence of animals at our side, every day, helping us on the bumpy orad of life, according to Allen and Linda Anderson, authors and co-founders of the Angel Animals Network, a group whose goal is to help people realize that animals are our spiritual partners."
--Sarah Newman,
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dec 24, 2005


"If you are a pet lover, you understand the special bond between humans and animals.  And there's powerful evidence of animals at our side, every day, helping us on the bumpy orad of life, according to Allen and Linda Anderson, authors and co-founders of the Angel Animals Network, a group whose goal is to help people realize that animals are our spiritual partners."
--Alicyn Leigh,
The Long Island Press, Dec 23, 2004


"Your beloved pet may actually be a messenger from God, says a note author. . . Linda Anderson and her husband Allen, the book's coauthor, believe that God sends messages of love, acceptance, and even proof of life after death though animals."
--S. D. Hubbard,
The National ENQUIRER, May 31, 2004


"Fitness guru Richard Simmons showered his beloved mom with jewels and took her on exotic trips all over the world, but he most precious gifts he ever gave her were a pair of Dalmatians....I don't think I ever say my mom happier, he says in the book God's Messengers: What Animals Teach Us about the Divine by Allen and Linda Anderson (New World Library)."
The National Examiner, April 26, 2004


"The Andersons' most recent book, God's Messengers: What Animals Teach Us about the Divine, illustrates how traditional cultures have viewed animals as messengers and mediators of the divine, which is a lesson we need to relearn. The book is a bold reminder that consciousness takes many forms and is not restricted to humans."
--Alicyn Leigh,
The Long Island Press, March 19, 2004


"Animal lovers tell stories of rescue. . .God's Messengers: What Animals Teach Us about the Divine makes you wonder -- who's rescuing whom?"
--Debbie Moose,
The News & Observer, November 2003


"It’s no longer the case that many people dismiss a pet as merely a possession they own. No, a growing number of people understand that their dogs and cats and reptiles and birds, and other companions are beings with souls who are in their lives for a reason."
--Tim Miegan,
The Edge, June 2000


"If you never considered animals to be messengers from God, this collection of real stories about how animals connect us with the Divine will have you wondering, if not convince you that God does exist and can be seen through the animals that share our world."
--Kathy DeSantis,
Awareness Magazine, October 2003


"They’ve been with her since her childhood, when they helped her with stressful times of growing up and childhood diseases like the measles. They’ve helped her through three divorces, a suicide attempt, and the deaths of her best friend and mother within a few months of each other. . . . Her story is one of more than 100 stories gathered in a new book, Angel Animals, Exploring Our Spiritual Connection with Animals."
--Lorrine Thompson,
Gannett News Service, November 2, 1999


"Linda and Allen Anderson think their pets are out of this world. The Minneapolis couple recognizes a ‘spiritual connection’ with the animals they have love and learned from over the years".
--Pauline Walle,
Rochester Post Bulletin, February 19, 2000


"To build for the future, the couple has also formed the Angel Animals Network. They envision it as a vehicle for organizing workshops and conferences on the human-animal bond. providing technical and public-relations assistance to animal organizations and shelters, and becoming a media clearninghouse to help raise the public’s awareness of the human-animal connection. It’s their hope that Angel Animals will leave a legacy for both humans and animals."
--Anne Polta,
West Central Tribune, December 2, 1999


"It’s not unusual for Linda Anderson to be on a plane and, once people find out what she does for a living, hear animal stories. Same goes for her husband, Allen. Fact is, a few days ago at the post office, the postal clerk glanced at his return address and launched into a l-o-n-g story about how her cat has touched her life. The Andersons, you see, are the authors of a new book about exploring the spiritual connection between animals and humans."
--Beccy Tanner,
Associated Press, October 9, 1999


"What if your pet is angelic? There may be a place to read all about your little angels and others just like him. Angel Animals® has a [online] newsletter put out by Allen and Linda Anderson, a pet-loving couple based in Minneapolis."
--Laurie Denger,
Dayton Daily News, September 24, 1998


"Allen and Linda Anderson, drawing upon their own and readers’ experiences with animals, have produced a polished yet warm [online] newsletter devoted to the spiritual nature of the human-animal bond. Non-sectarian and straightforward, Angel Animals is an uplifting celebration of the furry angels who share our lives every day."
--Sally Rosenthal,
Cats, November 1998


"What makes us so easily forgive and forget an animal’s wrongdoings? Why do we turn to animals when we need comfort or friendship? And why does everyone seem to have an animal story? Allen and Linda Anderson of St. Louis Park think it may be something spiritual."
--Teri Keish,
Minnesota Sun Publications, October 14, 1998


"Their gentler approach of simply sharing stories of how animals teach their human owners the qualities of unconditional love, gratitude, joy, courage, and patience has hit a nerve with pet owners all over the country and beyond."
--Laurence M. Cruz,
The Associated Press, November 20, 1998


"Suppose for a moment that instead of wings, angels had fur, feathers, fins, or scales. One Twin Cities couple believes that angel animals are a part of our everyday lives."
--Brad Woodard,
KARE-11 Extra (NBC Affiliate), broadcast on Sunday, December 6, 1998


"They [stories] may encourage you to look at animals in a new light. And to learn from them, as the Andersons believe you will if you ask yourself what the animals in your own life are trying to teach you. Once you do that, who knows what doors might open to you?"
--Sarah Casey Newman,
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 19. 1998 


"Has your pet taught you about life? If so, the editors of Angel Animals want to hear from you."
--Bob Genovesi,
New Age: The Journal for Holistic Living, January/February, 1999


"The Andersons seem to be riding at the head of the wave of new interest in the spiritual connections between humans and animals."
--Martha Sawyer Allen,
Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Faith & Values,” November 14, 1998


"The couple's chatty [online] newsletters are filled with reviews of animal books and lessons about animals in history, such as the pigeon that flew 260 miles during World War II to deliver an important message. But personal stories make up most of the newsletters."
--Molly Guthrey,
St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 25, 1998


"Certainly, scientific studies show that people with pets do live longer than those with no animals in the house, so maybe the Andersons are right and there is more to the idea of healing animals than good old wishful thinking."
--Lucy Broadbent,
The Sunday Times, London, England, August 2, 1998


"A school girl with severe breathing difficulties has been saved from death twice—by her pet cat."
--John Earls, (from an Angel Animals story),
Sunday People, London, England, August 16, 1998


"Allen and Linda Anderson, publishers of the Minneapolis newsletter, Angel Animals, and a forthcoming book on spiritual lessons taught to humans by animals, will present a San Francisco workshop today for the Learning Annex."
--Leah Garchick, “Personals,”
San Francisco Chronicle, August 10, 1998


"Signet has found its entry in Angel Animals, a September 1999 release about the spiritual lessons we learn from our pets by Allen and Linda Anderson, a Minneapolis husband-and-wife team who publish a [online] newsletter on the subject."
Publisher's Weekly, April 13, 1998


"[Arielle Ford] and her fiancé, Brian Hilliard, founded Dharma Dreams, a talent agency specializing in authors with properties appropriate for publishing, film, and TV. Their first book, Linda and Allen Anderson's Angel Animals, was just bought by Dutton."
--Roxane Farmanfarmaian,
Publisher's Weekly, April 13, 1998


"Among the stories that have appeared in the Minneapolis newsletter, Angel Animals, which examines spiritual lessons taught to humans by animals: A Rabbit Helped Me Take My Next Spiritual Step, Learning Patience from My Cockatiels."
--“K & D,”
The Vancouver Sun, August 15, 1998


"Combining America's love of pets and angels, Allen and Linda Andersons launched Angel Animals Network (Minneapolis), featuring tales of spiritual truths and lessons animals teach us."
Groom & Board, January/February 1998


"A sample of the Angel Animals [online] newsletter contained stories from purely fun to serious. I was especially touched by tales of people's experiences with their sick and dying pets, and the ways their grief was reconciled. Considering how we feel about our pets, their passing-and our ways of dealing with it-are sorely neglected topics in contemporary writing, I think."
--Rita Elkins, "Focus on Faith,"
Florida Today, December 20, 1997

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"Allen and Linda Anderson have a special gift of communication whether it's with the numerous audiences they address each year or the animals they nurture and rescue. Their compassion and assistance for the rescued and the needy as well as the healthy and well-cared for is an inspiring model. Their messages of healing and hope shine through everything they do and have left a lasting impression on me. I recommend them, without hesitation, as knowledgeable and inspirational public speakers and writers."
--Jo Gilbertson, formerly community relations manager for Barnes & Noble; now, group sales & audience development coordinator, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

"Thank you for the great session you did for the Veterinary Technician Appreciation Day in Rochester at the Minnesota School of Business. We had great feedback and everyone had a wonderful time."
--Julie Legred, president, NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America)

"The Angel Animals presentation was filled with great energy and created a very warm atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed it and people are still talking about it and the wonder of animals."
--Marlene Foote, director, Animal Ark Animal Shelter, St. Paul, Minnesota

"Allen and Linda Anderson's generous and compassionate interaction with participants leads to an ideal workshop experience. I hope I can entice you to do many more."
--Debbie Luican, executive director, Learning Annex of San Diego

"Allen and Linda Anderson are uplifting speakers who help us understand the greater significance of animals in human lives. They are plainspoken Midwesterners who share their insights and wisdom in universal ways. Utilizing stories they have collected from around the world, the Andersons present lessons they have learned, enabling others to approach their important relationship with animals in new ways. They tie big ideas to the ground in ways that ordinary people understand them. "
--Barbara J. Gislason, ESQ., animal lawyer and national speaker

"Allen Anderson is a gifted and engaging speaker who captivates his audience with stories gleaned from life's trenches, byways, and summits. The essence of Allen's talks can be summed up in two words: life affirming. His easygoing manner, gentle humor, wit and wisdom remind me of Will Rogers."
--David R. Purnell, president, NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio

"As speakers, Allen and Linda Anderson open up a world of inspiration through amazing animal stories, creating a big shift for the listener about the true purpose of animals in our lives. Totally engaging and life affirming."
--Barbara Buckner, new media producer and project manager for Fortune 1000 companies

"Allen Anderson is a dynamic and exciting speaker with a solid, quality presentation style that gets his audience completely involved. He is an excellent, inspired, and prepared speaker. I would highly recommend him for any type of audience presentation."
--John M. Hemack, president, Masys Corporation

"Even though I'm not a pet lover, have never had a pet of my own, after listening to Allen Anderson speak I realized what a phenomenal impact these little creatures have on their owners. I enjoyed Allen's speech very much, and it inspired me to be more understanding when I see people interact with their pets and why people see their pets as part of their family. Allen's insight of this subject is outstanding, and I would recommend him for any event."

--Anna Dee Olson, author of Growing Up Amish,

"Linda and Allen Anderson, individually or as a team, are excellent presenters in a group setting. After they appeared on my radio program, "Healing with Your Pet," several times, I asked them to appear personally before my local group, The Minneapolis Theosophical Society. They drew a good crowd of enthusiastic people who were mesmerized by their presentation. They both speak from the heart and really connect with a group. They are excellent public speakers."
--Von Braschler, author and radio host

"Allen Anderson speaks from the heart about subjects he loves; this enthralls audiences everywhere. His outlook is realistic but invariably positive, encouraging everyone to expect the best. Audience feedback is replete with superlatives."
--Henry Koster,
managing director, Kings Currency Exchange, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

"Allen and Linda Anderson write about and speak to the very heart of the divine gifts animals are and bring into our lives. No greater joys have I witnessed in nearly 30 years of nursing than the face of a patient when hospital and nursing home volunteers brought in pets to visit the patients. Allen and Linda bring the healing power of animals through their storytelling with great wisdom, clarity, and love."
--Arlene Forbes, registered nurse, geriatrics

"Allen's ability to command attention while speaking is one of his strong points.  A pleasant manner, calming appearance and his soft eye contact make the participants feel he is speaking directly to them. His knowledge of angel animal experiences and genuine love all of life, especially our animal family, puts him as one of the top experts in this field in the country. If you are looking for someone who speaks from the heart with a wealth of knowledge in the mind, Allen is that special individual."
--Tony Lupinacci, supervisor, General Dynamics, Connecticut

"I have known Allen Anderson for over seven years. During that time I have had the pleasure of attending his presentations at a variety of venues. He has served as the guest speaker for local and national conventions and conducted classes for smaller groups, as well. His delivery is both engaging and inspiring to the audience. As an educator, I have a certain standard that a presenter should meet in order to be successful. Mr. Anderson meets and exceeds these expectations on every level."
--Jeff Baines, North Carolina public school educator

"Allen Anderson provides a unique and refreshing perspective to pet owners everywhere -- so often we think we're "rescuing" animals when we adopt them; in fact, in the great mystery of things, they often end up rescuing us, indeed seemingly knowing more about us than we do ourselves!"
--Stephen Banick, director, The Gulliver Project, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

"Allen Anderson is a compassionate soul who helps audiences appreciate the vital and healing role that animals fill in our life's journey. As a speaker he is a moving and concerned, bringing much needed hope to people's lives."
--Deirdre Sinnott, author & speaker,, New York

"Allen Anderson speaks from the heart, inspires us to see that our soulmate may come with four paws and a tail! His true-life animal stories show us the soul-to-soul connection we have with our pets. He is a true inspiration to the angels we have in our God-given creatures."
--Loree Taylor Jordan, author of Detox for Life and founder of Pet Friends and Rescue, California

"It was delightful to have you at Menorah Plaza presenting motivational stories about animals and their amazing powers. Your stories stimulated wonderful conversations and memories. This is a wonderful project and a great service to the community. My tenants are still talking about it. I highly recommend this presentation for any senior facility or program. I feel it is appropriate for any age audience."
--Helen Gurevich, director of programs, Menorah Plaza, Menorah West, Minneapolis

"Allen Anderson is an entertaining, excellent speaker for any size group. He's wonderful in front of an audience."
--Jose Sanmartin, client services coordinator, IPC-PPSS

"I've had the good fortune to see Allen speak to audiences ranging in size from a dozen to thousands. The number is irrelevant, because he prepares with the same care no matter how many are in attendance. And everyone feels as spellbound as with any masterful storyteller. So many times I've shared tears of laughter and a changed heart with those around me in the audience. Allen Anderson connects."
--D. E. Munson, author and speaker