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One Animal at a Time -- How the Rewarding Mission of Pet Rescue Changes the World

Pet Power -- Increase Productivity, Creativity, and Service by Becoming a Pet-Friendly School or Business

Amazing Angel Animals -- How Pets Make People into Better Human Beings

Pet Loss -- The Hidden Anguish of Millions and How to Cope with Its Consequences

The Secrets of Bark, Meow, and Gallop -- Writing for the Burgeoning Pet Article and Book Market

Allen Talks to:

• Corporations and Businesses

• Civic Organizations and Chambers of Commerce

• Conferences, Meetings, and Spouse Programs

• Men's Groups

• Healthcare Professionals

• Colleges and High Schools

• Animal Conferences

• Veterinary, Psychology, and Education Departments

• Religion, Sociology,  and Business Departments

• Service Organizations

• Teachers Organizations

• Writers Conferences

• Churches and Spiritual Organizations

• Writers and Creative Artists

• Veterinary, Psychology, and Education Departments

• English, Religion, and Sociology Departments

• Service Organizations

• Recovery Groups

• Cancer Survivors

• Brain Surgery or Life-Threatening Condition Survivors

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Allen Giving a Presentation at the Minneapolis Convention Center

Allen Anderson
Speaker • Author • Consultant



Sampling of Quotes:

"Allen Anderson is a compassionate soul who helps audiences appreciate the vital and healing role that animals fill in our life’s journey. As a speaker he is a moving and concerned, bringing much needed hope to people’s lives."
--Deirdre Sinnott, author & speaker, New York

"Allen Anderson is a gifted and engaging speaker who captivates his audience with stories gleaned from life's trenches, byways, and summits. The essence of Allen's talks can be summed up in two words: life affirming. His easygoing manner, gentle humor, wit and wisdom remind me of Will Rogers."
--David R. Purnell, president, NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio

"Allen Anderson is a dynamic and exciting speaker with a solid, quality presentation style that gets his audience completely involved. He is an excellent, inspired, and prepared speaker. I would highly recommend him for any type of audience presentation."
--John M. Hemack, president,
Masys Corporation

"Allen Anderson speaks from the heart about subjects he loves; this enthralls audiences everywhere. His outlook is realistic but invariably positive, encouraging everyone to expect the best. Audience feedback is replete with superlatives."
--Henry Koster, managing director, Kings Currency Exchange, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

"As a speaker, Allen Anderson opens up a world of inspiration through amazing animal stories, creating a big shift for the listener about the true purpose of animals in our lives. Totally engaging and life affirming."
--Barbara Buckner, new media producer and project manager for Fortune 1000 companies

Allen Anderson is an entertaining, excellent speaker for any size group. He's wonderful in front of an audience."
--Jose Sanmartin, client services coordinator, IPC-PPSS

"It was delightful to have you at Menorah Plaza presenting motivational stories about animals and their amazing powers. Your stories stimulated wonderful conversations and memories. This is a wonderful project and a great service to the community. My tenants are still talking about it. I highly recommend this presentation for any senior facility or program. I feel it is appropriate for any age audience."
--Helen Gurevich, director of programs, Menorah Plaza, Menorah West